Handmade jewelry inspired by the southwest

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desert dust means magic.

Lovingly crafted pieces featuring handpicked stones and the hard work of maker Allison Dendulk. Each piece tells her story and carries elements of her unique voice. Desert Dust jewelry speaks boldly but not loudly. A work of art made just for you. 

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Quality gemstones and metals

Allison handpicks every stone so that each piece has its own unique story and only works with sterling silver and gold.

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Looking for something for special? Allison is happy to work with you to create something unique for you or someone you love.

I love my tiny turquoise studs! They've become my daily go-to earring.

Megan | February 2018

In love with my ring. Allison is legit the best. Thank you!! I’m on my way to having a DD ring on every finger.

Allison | January 2018

LOVE this bracelet! It’s so dainty and fits perfectly.

Jaime | January 2018

So so beautiful! These have made a wonderful gift for my mother and I. Something we'll treasure for years.

Somer | December 2017